What are the Diamonds Rankings?

What are the diamond rankings on a MFI Profile and Report?

MIX is committed to microfinance transparency and uses a “diamonds” system to indicate an MFI’s level of transparency and supporting documentation for all data on MIX Market.

A higher number of diamonds means a more transparent MFI and more reliable data.

Currently, each profile on the site receives an overall profile diamond score and an annual score for each full year of data that is published on the site. You can see the profile diamonds next to the MFI name in the upper left-hand side of each page, as in the screenshot below. The profile diamonds reflect the number of diamonds for the last year. In other words, the profile diamonds reflect the most recent information that we have on this MFI.

If you want to see how data from an MFI has evolved over time, the annual diamonds can be found within the Report section for any MFI as in the screenshot below. Annual diamonds are available for download and reporting for individual MFIs.

The rules for the diamonds are in the table below. The “profile” diamonds reflect the most recent year of data for the MFI, with a nine-month window for reporting after fiscal year-end.

LevelAnnual Diamond
1Profile is visible.
2Level 1 and some data on products and clients for the year
3Levels 1 and 2 and some financial data for the year
4Levels 1 - 3 and audited financial statements are published for the year
5Levels 1 - 4 and rating or due diligence report is published for the year


Why does an MFI have a particular diamonds level?

To see why an MFI receives a certain diamond score, we can inspect the data used by the rules above to generate the score. This report contains key data points for all MFIs. To look at one example, we can use the profile for Al Amana in Morocco.

First, we can see in this report that data on products and clients (outreach) is complete for each year, which qualifies them for 2-diamond status. Another report shows that we also have financial data since 1997, qualifying them for 3-diamonds for those years. Al Amana further qualifies for four and five diamonds based on audits and ratings that are available in the Files section of their profile. However, since their most recent rating report is from 2008, these reports qualify Al Amana for four diamonds overall.

To check the same data for any other MFI you can either modify the same report links as above or check the profile directly.

How can I change my diamonds level?

To receive higher levels of diamonds, an MFI needs to provide data or reports to meet the requirements in the rules listed above. To post updated data refer to the guidelines in our FAQ or contact your regional analyst directly.

Diamond scores are generated automatically based on the information published on the site. However, if you think the score for a particular institution is incorrect or out-of-date, contact us and we will look into it and provide you with an update.

What are future plans for the diamonds?

As of today, the diamonds only incorporate reporting on basic outreach, standard financial statements and financial audits and rating reports. But the microfinance industry is changing quickly and we are bringing more and more data to the world – such as data on social performance or on debt financing used by MFIs - along with more types of supporting documentation, such as social audits and social ratings.

Looking ahead, we will be completely revamping how we reflect the transparency of MFIs that report data to MIX to incorporate these new types of information and to give a better view on transparency as we know it today. To help inform our efforts, please send your comments and insights using our online contact form..


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