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Oxfam Novib, the Dutch Organisation for International Development Co-operation, works to ensure that poor people have access to basic rights by means of structural poverty alleviation and emergency aid. Oxfam Novib co-operates as much as possible with local organisations across the world. Oxfam ... Read more
+31 70 3421 879
+31070 3 614 461
microfinance [at] oxfamnovib [dot] nl
P.O. Box 30919
Den Haag
2500 GX
Type of instrument: 
Loans and Debt Securities
Technical Assistance (TA)
Eligible partners: 
Credit Union / Cooperative
Rural Bank
Additional information: 
Oxfam Novib provides support to microfinance institutions and other MFIs since 1996, when a loan fund was started. The philosophy of Oxfam Novib is to support MFIs in all the stages of development, beginnng with MFIs in their start-up phase, through there expansio phase up to the moment of reaching FSS. Starting with grants funding on the basis of a though business plan, in later phases other instruments come in place, such as loans and guarantees. The Oxfam Novib Fund is managed by Triple Jump Fund Management which als handles other funds, thus capable to guide the MFI through different funds depending on the stage of development. The Oxfam Novib Fund is about EUR25 million in size, serving around 80 MFIs around the world. Oxfam Novib gives grants for about EUR 6 million (2008), serving different organizations involved in microfinance, such as start-up MFIs, networks, NGOs facilitating SHGs, reseach and impact and social performance management projects. Oxfam Novib is member of MicroNed, a platform of Cordaid, ICCO HIVOS and Oxfam Novib, which co-ordinates grant policy for microfinance. Oxfam Novib is also member of the Netherlands Platform for Microfinance.
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Date established: 
Jan 1 1956


  • Gerard Steehouwer
    Regional Director of West Africa
    gerard [dot] steehouwer [at] oxfam [dot] nl
    +31 70 3421 879
  • Keith Johnston
    Chairman of the Board
    keith [dot] johnston [at] oxfam [dot] org
    +31 70 3421 879