Build and develop a sharia-based business in order to improve the business and entrepreneurial capabilities of Micro Small.
Developing Islamic financial institutions with the aim of contributing to the expansion of employment and improvement of community welfare.
Background and Main Challenges: 
KSU Sanama a sharia-based cooperative with members that care for micro and small entrepreneurs with the core business of Islamic Financial Services and Other Services. Financing concept applied is the concept of Baitul Maal Wattamwil , dimanan activities Baitul Tamwil prioritize business ... Read more
Komp. Shops Sabaraya No. 3 Cileunyi, Kab. Bandung
BMT Product Sanama: 1. Deposits Savings Sanama Wadiah Savings Sanama Mudharobah Planned Savings Sanama Deposit Sanama 2. Financing Sanama Murabaha Financing Financing Sanama Mudharobah Financing Sanama Hiwalah 3. Services
Services Provided: 
Full-scale Financial Services
Second-tier Lending to MFIs

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