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October 08, 2014

2014 June: Quarterly Update: Bank of Uganda Releases Update on Financial Inclusion Strategy

Financial inclusion strategy is among the priority agenda for the Bank of Uganda to drive the financial inclusion in the country. The strategy focus on addressing the gaps in financial innovations,  access to quality financial services, reducing financial literacy and working towards consumer protection issues.

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May 17, 2012

Supply & Demand

According to the most recent FinScope Survey in Uganda, 70% of the population of Uganda (age 16 and above) are financially served, although just over 20% of the population uses formal banking services while the other 50% turn to informal financial services.  Nearly half of the adult population
May 17, 2012


MFIs in Uganda are heavily deposit-funded, with deposits accounting for 70% of funding in 2010.  Deposits have consistently accounted for at least two-thirds of all funding sources over the last four years.  This is on par with the rest of the region, where deposits have also consistently
May 17, 2012


The Ugandan market experiences similar trends to the overall market across sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), but at greater extremes.  When returns on assets fell to almost -4% across SSA in 2009, it dropped from break-even to -8% in Uganda.  In 2009, inflation in Uganda was high, at over 10%, but
May 16, 2012

Market Overview

Indicators as of 20101 Value GDP (USD billion) 17.0 GDP Growth Rate 5.2% Population (million) 33.4 Population below povery line (2009) 24.5% GNI per Capita (USD) 500 Inflation rate (Jan 2012) 25.7 Commercial bank lending rate (Jan 2012) 27.3 Commercial bank deposit rate (Jan 2012)2 3.4 Unemployment
March 21, 2012


MIX Barometer - 31 December 2012Below is an interactive Tableau of MIX’s Uganda Barometer. If you are unable to view the graphs, try pressing your F5 key to refresh the page, which should reload the graphs. If the graphs still do not load, you can view a PDF version of this Barometer. Le
March 13, 2012

Premium Market Intelligence Summary

Country BriefingThe Ugandan microfinance market has seen significant development since the country experienced a large-scale banking crisis in the 1990s, and is now supported by a more robust regulatory framework than ever before. Uganda is also one of the most active countries in Africa in terms of

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