Known issues

This page keeps a running log of known issues with the MIX Market site. We will actively update this page as issues are resolved (or added). Please let us know if you find an issue or have questions on any of the items in this list!

  • MFI, Fund, Network, Service Provider links: The partnerships between institutions that you can see listed throughout the site provide a new, easier way to see the interconnections between the various actors in the microfinance sector. A few of these partnerships are not yet visible on the MIX Market site though. We will add these relationships back in soon though! If there is a missing partnership that you would like to see added, just let us know using the 'Submit a change' form in any profile.
  • Funder profiles: Some data is missing from the Funder profiles on the site. The 'application and reporting' section and some 'Structure and Performance' breakouts are not displayed on the site, as well as some details of the fund instruments. We will update these sections of the site soon to ensure that the only up-to-date, accurate information is displayed.
  • Print reports: Printable reports (such as from MFI profile Data or Comparative Analysis sections) may print to hard copy with a small font size using Internet Explorer 7. As a workaround, we recommend either printing to PDF, then to hard copy or printing from another browser (such as Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.). Other browsers do not experience this issue.

Found something else? Get in touch with us.