Service Provider Website Country Type
Bread for the World / EED Germany NGO
CMEF United States Private Corporation
Evangelische Kirche von Westfalen http://www.evangelisch-in... Germany Development Program
GTIH Haiti Private Corporation
IDA Nepal Nepal Development Program
KPMG Switzerland Auditor
M-CRIL India Rater
Milpark South Africa Academic / Research
MoFEP Rwanda Government Agency/Program
Spatial Dev United States
The United Church of Canda http://www.united-church.... Canada NGO
Tribhuvan University Nepal Academic / Research
WSCL Nepal Academic / Research
Service Provider Website Country Type
ADFinance Senegal Development Program
Afrosoft Corporation Zimbabwe Technology Provider
ANSSFD Benin Regulator
ARSM Niger Regulator
Auditec Fiduciaire http://auditecfiduciaire.... Mali Auditor
BAPO http://www.bapowestafrica... Nigeria NGO
Better Planning Ltd  Cameroon Technology Provider
Blu-Ark Nigeria Private Corporation
Cabinet Microfin-A2i Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Technology Provider
CAGECFI Togo Technology Provider
CECA Rating Senegal Rater
CENFRI South Africa Academic / Research
Central Bank of The Gambia Gambia, The Regulator
CHAKA COMPUTER  Senegal Technology Provider
Craft Silicon Kenya Technology Provider
Crystal Clear Software, Ltd.  Uganda Technology Provider
DID - Senegal Senegal Development Program
Direction de la Microfinance http://www.microfinance.s... Senegal Government Agency/Program
E-Soft Solutions Ltd  Nigeria Technology Provider
EFInA Nigeria NGO
esave Nigeria Technology Provider
eShango Senegal Technology Provider
FSD Tanzania Tanzania Academic / Research
Future Link Technologies (FLT) Uganda Technology Provider
GAMC Ghana
ICCSOFT SA  Cameroon Technology Provider
Impact Energies Ghana Development Program
IPI  South Africa Technology Provider
IS Fund Kenya Development Program
K&P GROUP Togo Technology Provider
Kopo Kopo Kenya Technology Provider
Maxim-Pro Nigeria Limited n/a Nigeria Technology Provider
Mecene Investment South Africa Fund Manager
MEDIASOFT  Togo Technology Provider
MFW4A Tunisia Development Program
Microfinance Support Centre Uganda Development Program
Microfinanza Rating - Africa Kenya Rater
MICROMZ Mozambique Technology Provider
MicroRate- Africa (Senegal) Morocco Rater
Ministère des PME, de la Microfinance et de l'... Senegal Government Agency/Program
MITAF Sierra Leone Development Program
NCDF Nigeria Development Program
NIS Ghana Private Corporation
Octagon Data Systems Limited  Kenya Technology Provider
ORCHID Systems  Madagascar Technology Provider
Perfect Touch Consulting Limited  Nigeria Technology Provider
PHARAON www.pharaon-technologies.... Benin Technology Provider
Plan Kenya http://plan-international... Kenya NGO
Plan Senegal http://plan-international... Senegal NGO
Planet Rating - East Africa & Southern Africa Kenya Rater
Planet Rating - West Africa & Central Africa Senegal Rater
Prisma Systems  Kenya Technology Provider
RCA Rwanda Regulator
RUFIN Nigeria Development Program
SAMCAF Zimbabwe Development Program
Sensoft Sarl  Senegal Technology Provider
ShebaSoft Systems Plc. Ethiopia Technology Provider
Sigma Data & Computers  Uganda Technology Provider
Simple MFI Kenya Technology Provider
SIOM Consulting Benin Private Corporation
Smart Info Systems http://smartmicrofinance.... Ghana Technology Provider
SOLID Senegal Technology Provider
Successory Nigeria Ltd. Nigeria Private Corporation
The Nigerian Stock Exchange Nigeria Private Corporation
TRIP Nigeria Fund Manager
Xpertek   South Africa Technology Provider
East Asia and the Pacific
Service Provider Website Country Type
51Give China, People's Republic of Peer-to-peer Lender
Aavishkaar International Singapore Fund Manager
BPR Bumi Indonesia Fund Manager
CBC http://www.creditbureauca... Cambodia Private Corporation
CEFI Papua New Guinea Government Agency/Program
CEN Systems and Technologies (CENTECH) Corp.  Philippines Technology Provider
Climate Bank China, People's Republic of Private Corporation
COM Myanmar (Burma) Development Program
CUES Philippines Development Program
FAO-GTZ MicroBanking System  Thailand Technology Provider
Hagar Cambodia http://www.hagarcambodia.... Cambodia NGO
Hydrologic http://www.hydrologicheal... Cambodia Private Corporation
IIX Singapore Private Corporation
LINKS Learning Center Philippines Development Program
MABS Philippines Development Program
MFC Lao PDR Laos Academic / Research
MICRA Indonesia Private Corporation
MICRA Philippines Philippines Private Corporation
Micro Banker Phils. (MBPhils), Inc. Philippines Technology Provider
Microfinanza Rating - Southeast Asia Philippines Rater
Morris and Sojnocki Chartered Accountants Solomon Islands Auditor
PFIP Fiji Development Program
PlaNet Finance China China, People's Republic of NGO
Planet Rating - Asia Philippines Rater
ProFI Indonesia Development Program
PRRI Philippines Academic / Research
PT TEKNOVASI MITRADANA n/a Indonesia Technology Provider
Punla Philippines Development Program
RUMA Indonesia Technology Provider
SEAD Phil Philippines Development Program
SEDPI Philippines Development Program
SIMM Philippines Development Program
Vaia Indonesia Technology Provider
Windonesia Telematika  Indonesia Technology Provider
World Vision Cambodia http://www.worldvision.or... Cambodia NGO
Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Service Provider Website Country Type
Achid Finance Group  Mongolia Technology Provider
Active Advice Bulgaria Auditor
ASPEKT Macedonia Technology Provider
CAMFA Kyrgyzstan Development Program
Care International http://www.careinternatio... United Kingdom NGO
CBBH Bosnia and Herzegovina Regulator
CIB Ishenim Kyrgyzstan Government Agency/Program
Demos Kazakhstan NGO
Dolphin Software Georgia Technology Provider
eFinance Kazakhstan Technology Provider
FinA Georgia Technology Provider
GMSE Georgia Development Program
Habitat for Humanity - MCD Macedonia NGO
IESC SME Support Project Georgia Development Program
KPMG - ROM Romania Auditor
MEDI Macedonia medinstitute.googlepages.... Macedonia Development Program
MFDF Mongolia Development Program
Microfinanza Rating - Central Asia Kyrgyzstan Rater
MifCloud Poland Technology Provider
myELEN Czech Republic Peer-to-peer Lender
Open CBS Kyrgyzstan Technology Provider
PwC - ROM Romania Auditor
PwC Turkey Turkey Private Corporation
R-Style Softlab Russia Technology Provider
Rural Finance Facility Project Implementation Unit Armenia Development Program
Software Group BG Ltd Bulgaria Technology Provider
SolDevelo Sp. z o. o. Poland Technology Provider
TenGer Financial Group www.tengerfinancialgroup.... Mongolia Private Corporation
Terrasoft Russia Technology Provider
Wafaalend United Kingdom Peer-to-peer Lender
Latin America and The Caribbean
Service Provider Website Country Type
ABSCM Brazil
APC Sur Peru NGO
Apoyo & Asociados Peru Rater
Asociación Alianza Mundial para el Desarrollo Efic... Guatemala NGO
AVMEI CIA. LTDA  Ecuador Technology Provider
Bantotal Uruguay Technology Provider
BNDES Brazil Development Program
BRC Investor Services Colombia Rater
BYTE Guatemala Technology Provider
CARIB CAP www.caribcapmicrofinance.... Jamaica Development Program
CENTRO AFIN Bolivia Academic / Research
CFE Panama Panama NGO
Círculo de Crédito Mexico Private Corporation
Clasificadora de Riesgo Class & Asociados S.A. Peru Rater
Clinica Good Hope Peru NGO
COLCAMI Mexico Development Program
Consultores para el Desarrollo Uruguay Private Corporation
DAComp SC  Mexico Technology Provider
DO Ltd. www.developmentoptionsja.... Jamaica Fund Manager
Equilibrium Clasificadora de Riesgo S.A. Peru Rater
ESGC Mexico Private Corporation
ETHOS SOFTWARE  Colombia Technology Provider
FINNET Haiti Development Program
Fitch Ratings - ARG Argentina Rater
Fitch Ratings - BOL Bolivia Rater
Fitch Ratings - CHL Chile Rater
Fondo Nacional de Compensación y Desarrollo Social Peru Development Program
Fuerza Solidaria Argentina Development Program
Fundación Galileo Costa Rica Development Program
FUNDAMICRO El Salvador Technology Provider
GREENSOFT CIA. LTDA. Ecuador Technology Provider
HAJ Jamaica Government Agency/Program
IDESI Nacional Peru Development Program
Informática Donet EIRL  Peru Technology Provider
Instituto Nacional de Estadística del Peru Peru Government Agency/Program
Inverso Mexico Peer-to-peer Lender
IT Team SAC  Peru Technology Provider
LiSim Colombia Private Corporation
Mayberry Jamaica Fund Manager
MFSI Guatemala Technology Provider
Micro Software Designs, Ltd. Trinidad and Tobago Technology Provider
Microfinanza Rating - Latin America Ecuador Rater
Microfinanzas para el Desarrollo www.microfinanzasparaelde... Colombia Development Program
MicroRate - Latin America Peru Rater
NIF Jamaica Government Agency/Program
Omtrix, Inc. Costa Rica Fund Manager
PCR Peru Rater
Plan Colombia http://plan-international... Colombia NGO
Plan Peru http://plan-international... Peru NGO
Planet Finance Brasil Brazil NGO
Planet Rating - Latin America Peru Rater
PMD Capital Management LLC Mexico Fund Manager
SOFT CORPORACION S.A.  Guatemala Technology Provider
Standard and Poors - Argentina Argentina Rater
Standard and Poors - Brazil Brazil Rater
Standard and Poors - Mexico Mexico Rater
Suritrust Suriname Fund Manager
SYSDE  Mexico Technology Provider
Top Systems  Uruguay Technology Provider
UNTECRED Guatemala Development Program
Value and Risk Rating Colombia Rater
VersaTec Panama Technology Provider
Yotta Software Bolivia Technology Provider
Middle East and North Africa
Service Provider Website Country Type
Agile Financial Technologies United Arab Emirates Technology Provider
Bisan Systems Palestine Technology Provider
Delta Informatics Jordan Technology Provider
EMF Egypt Development Program
EQI Egypt Technology Provider
Grameen Jameel United Arab Emirates Private Corporation
LoanTracker Egypt Technology Provider
MCA - Morocco Morocco Development Program
MicroRate- Africa (Morocco) Morocco Rater
PAP - Egypt Egypt Technology Provider
Planet Rating - Middle East & North Africa Lebanon Rater
USAID-Tijara Iraq Development Program
North America
Service Provider Website Country Type
AccuCred United States Technology Provider
Adam Smith Capital Partners United States Fund Manager
Aleph One http://www.a-1-analytics.... United States Technology Provider
Ashoka United States
BRAC USA United States NGO
CARE United States NGO
CARE Canada Canada NGO
CFI www.centerforfinancialinc... United States NGO
CommonGoals Software Canada Technology Provider
Creation Investments http://creationinvestment... United States Fund Manager
CRS United States NGO
Cygma United States Private Corporation
DID Canada NGO
DownHome Solutions United States Technology Provider
DWM United States Fund Manager
EA Consultants United States Development Program
Eagle Condor Humanitarian United States NGO
EDC United States NGO
Elevar Equity United States Fund Manager
End Poverty Foundation www.endpovertyfoundation.... United States NGO
FrontlineSMS:Credit United States Technology Provider
Global Partnerships www.globalpartnerships.or... United States NGO
GlobalGiving http://www.globalgiving.o... United States Peer-to-peer Lender
Gray Ghost Ventures United States Fund Manager
GreenMicrofinance United States NGO
Guy Carpenter Micro Risk Solutions United States Private Corporation
Habitat for Humanity United States NGO
HDF United States NGO
IAF United States Government Agency/Program
IC Africa Canada NGO
Kiva United States Peer-to-peer Lender
Kredits United States Technology Provider
Margill Canada Technology Provider
Metis United States Development Program
MFIcroscope United States Technology Provider
MFTransparency United States Academic / Research
MFX Solutions United States Fund Manager
MicroBanx Systems, LLC United States Technology Provider
Microfinance Gateway www.microfinancegateway.o... United States Development Program
MicroPlace United States Fund Manager
MicroPlanet United States Technology Provider
MicroRate United States Rater
microTracker United States NGO
MicroVest Capital Management, LLC United States Fund Manager
Mifos United States Technology Provider
Namaste United States Development Program
New Frontier Capital Advisors http://www.newfrontiercap... United States Private Corporation
Oracle United States Technology Provider
PATH United States NGO
RedCloud United States Technology Provider
S&P www.microfinance.standard... United States Rater
Smart Campaign United States NGO
Sostenica United States Development Program
SystAlliance  Canada Technology Provider
Temenos  United States Technology Provider
Truelift http://sealofexcellence.w... United States NGO
Village Software Inc United States Technology Provider
Vittana United States NGO
Women’s Empowerment International United States Peer-to-peer Lender
Working Capital for Community Needs www.capitalforcommunities... United States NGO
Zeptoo United States Technology Provider
Service Provider Website Country Type
Good Return Australia Peer-to-peer Lender
Opportunity Australia Australia NGO
South Asia
Service Provider Website Country Type
AEPC Nepal Government Agency/Program
Afghanistan Financial Services Afghanistan Private Corporation
AIBF Sri Lanka Academic / Research
Ananya India Private Corporation
Apparent Infotech Private Limited  India Technology Provider
Apt Source India Private Corporation
Aquarius India
Artoo India Technology Provider
Audech India Technology Provider
Bangladesh Bank Bangladesh Regulator
BDI Bangladesh Academic / Research
Business Development Centre Sri Lanka Private Corporation
Capital Connect India Peer-to-peer Lender
Caspian Advisors India Fund Manager
CECI Nepal Development Program
CIB Nepal Nepal
CIRM Iceland Academic / Research
Creditwatch India Development Program
Crisil India Rater
DataSoft Systems Bangladesh Limited  Bangladesh Technology Provider
Datavision Software solution Pvt. Ltd   India Technology Provider
DIRECTING IT India Technology Provider
ekgaon India Technology Provider
EKO India Private Corporation
Elitser IT solutions India Pvt Ltd  India Technology Provider
ENNOVENT India Development Program
Experian India Rater
FAIDA Afghanistan Development Program
FINO India Technology Provider
Glodyne Technoserve India Technology Provider
Gradatim India Technology Provider
Grameen Trust Bangladesh NGO
IAS India Regulator
IFMR India Academic / Research
IFMR Centre for Micro Finance Research India Development Program
IFMR Investments http://investments.ifmr.c... India Fund Manager
IIDS Nepal Academic / Research
InfrasoftTech India Technology Provider
INM Bangladesh Academic / Research
Intellecap India Private Corporation
JCR-VIS Pakistan Rater
KTwo India Technology Provider
M-CRIL India Rater
M2i Consulting India Private Corporation
Margdarshak India Development Program
MFIFlex India Technology Provider
MicroSave India Private Corporation
MISFA Afghanistan Development Program
Mitrabharathi India NGO
MOSTFIT India Technology Provider
MRA Bangladesh Regulator
Natural Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India Technology Provider
OPM Asia India Academic / Research
OTCO International Limited India Technology Provider
Paripoorna India Technology Provider
Plan International Bangladesh http://plan-international... Bangladesh NGO
Plan Pakistan http://plan-international... Pakistan NGO
Plan Sri Lanka http://plan-international... Sri Lanka NGO
Processware Systems (P) Ltd. India Technology Provider
Rang De India Peer-to-peer Lender
Rashtriya Gramin Vikas Nidhi India Development Program
Sanchayan Society / India Academic / Research
Sathguru India Technology Provider
Shahina Aftab Foundation Pakistan NGO
Sharada Computer Services India Technology Provider
SMERA India Rater
Snowwood Infocom Technologies Pvt Ltd.  India Technology Provider
Softwatch InfoSys (Pvt.) Limited Sri Lanka Technology Provider
Southtech Limited  Bangladesh Technology Provider
Srizony Bangladesh Bangladesh NGO
Swadhaar FinAccess India Academic / Research
The Flat Pyramid http://www.theflatpyramid... India Private Corporation
Theme Technologies India Technology Provider
TrainingCentral Solutions India Development Program
Trinity Signal Technology www.trinitysignaltechnolo... India Technology Provider
Trust Systems & Software (I) Pvt. Ltd.  India Technology Provider
University of Chittagong Bangladesh Academic / Research
Venture Infotek Global Private Limited  India Technology Provider
Western Europe
Service Provider Website Country Type
ACT Alliance http://www.actalliance.or... Switzerland Development Program
ADA asbl http://www.ada-microfinan... Luxembourg Development Program
APG Netherlands Fund Manager
Aquadev Belgium Technology Provider
AUXFAM Netherlands Technology Provider
BF Consulting Switzerland Private Corporation
BFC Switzerland Private Corporation
BiD Netherlands Development Program
BlueOrchard Switzerland Fund Manager
BmZ Deutsch Germany Government Agency/Program
CERISE www.cerise-microfinance.o... France Academic / Research
CIRAD France Academic / Research
CMI www.catalyst-microfinance... Mauritius Fund Manager
Credit Suisse Microfinance Fund Management Co Switzerland Fund Manager
CREOVA France Technology Provider
Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Denmark Government Agency/Program
Delta France Technology Provider
Dutch Ministry Netherlands Government Agency/Program
Ecidec France NGO
Entrepreneurs du Monde www.entrepreneursdumonde.... France NGO
Evers and Jung Germany Development Program
Fern Software United Kingdom Technology Provider
FIDES AG Switzerland Private Corporation
Finance-in-Motion Germany Fund Manager
Fitch Ratings United Kingdom Rater
Frankfurt School Germany Academic / Research
HelpAge International United Kingdom NGO
HORUS France Development Program
ICRC Switzerland Development Program
ILCUF http://www.ilcufoundation... Ireland Foundation
INCOFIN Belgium Fund Manager
ING Netherlands Development Program
Inuka United Kingdom Peer-to-peer Lender
IPC Germany Private Corporation
IRAM France Academic / Research
Kastell Software Germany Technology Provider
LuxFLAG Luxembourg NGO
MainStreet Partners S.A. http://www. mspartners.or... Switzerland Private Corporation
MAMBU Germany Technology Provider
Microfinanza Italy Private Corporation
Microfinanza Rating Italy Rater
Microinsurance Research Centre United Kingdom Academic / Research
Ministry of Finance - Luxembourg Luxembourg Government Agency/Program
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Finland Finland Government Agency/Program
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Italy Italy Government Agency/Program
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Netherlands Netherlands Government Agency/Program
Movimiento Shalom Italy NGO
MSC Germany Private Corporation
MyAzimia United Kingdom Technology Provider
MyC4 Denmark Peer-to-peer Lender
MyTransfer Luxembourg Private Corporation
Neptune Software United Kingdom Technology Provider
Nucleus Software  United Kingdom Technology Provider
Octopus Microfinance France Technology Provider
OpenCarb Networks Ireland Development Program
OXUS Development Network France NGO
PhB Development Belgium Development Program
PlaNet Finance www.planetfinancegroup.or... France NGO
Planet Finance Advisory Services France NGO
Planet Guarantee www.planetfinancegroup.or... France NGO
Planet Rating France Rater
Planet Rating - Eastern Europe & Central Asia France Rater
PlaNet University France Academic / Research
PlaNIS France Fund Manager
Probanx Information System Ltd Cyprus Technology Provider
Small Bank Software, UK  United Kingdom Technology Provider
Sociedad Estatal Española P4R Spain Government Agency/Program
SOPRA GROUP  France Technology Provider
The Rating Initiative Luxembourg Rater
Triodos Facet Netherlands Private Corporation
Triple Jump Netherlands Fund Manager
Triple Jump Advisory Services Netherlands NGO
Trócaire Ireland NGO
Veecus France Peer-to-peer Lender
VIVEO France Technology Provider
W4 France Peer-to-peer Lender
WAFAA Micro funds United Kingdom Peer-to-peer Lender
Xetic France Peer-to-peer Lender