Smart Campaign

The Smart Campaign is a global effort to unite microfinance leaders around a common goal: to keep clients as the driving force of the industry. Protecting clients is not only the right thing to do; it’s the smart thing to do. When microfinance institutions implement the Campaign’s Client ... Read more
c/o The Center for Financial Inclusion at ACCION International 1401 New York Avenue, Suite 500
United States
(202) 393-5113
(202) 393-5115


Name Relationship
ABA Endorsement
ABF Endorsement
AccèsBanque Madagascar Endorsement
AccessBank Endorsement
AccessBank Endorsement
AccessBank - TZA Endorsement
AccessBank Tajikistan Endorsement
ACCION Funding
Accion MfB Nigeria Endorsement
ACCION Texas Inc. Endorsement
ACCION Texas Inc. Endorsement
ACF Endorsement
ACF Endorsement
ACME Endorsement
ACSI Endorsement
ACTUAR - Bolivar Endorsement
Actuar Quindio Endorsement
Actuar Tolima Endorsement
Aden Endorsement
ADIE Endorsement
ADIM Endorsement
ADIM Endorsement
Advans - TZA Endorsement
Advans Banque Congo Endorsement
Advans Cameroun Endorsement
Advans Ghana Endorsement
AE&I Endorsement
AFK Endorsement
AFODENIC Endorsement
Agro Micro Endorsement
AgroCapital Endorsement
Agrocredit Plus Endorsement
Ajiwika Endorsement
Al Amana Endorsement
Al Majmoua Endorsement
Al Tadamun Endorsement
Al-Thiqa Endorsement
Alliance Group Endorsement
Amasezerano Endorsement
AMC de R.L. Endorsement
AMF Endorsement
AMK Endorsement
AMOMIF Endorsement
AMRET Endorsement
ANEMCAM Endorsement
Apoyo Integral Endorsement
APPEND Endorsement
Aqroinvest Endorsement
ARD Endorsement
Arnur Credit Endorsement
Arohan Rating
ASA International Holdings Endorsement
ASA Philippines Partner
ASALA Endorsement
Asasah Endorsement
ASC Union Endorsement
ASDIR Endorsement
ASHI Endorsement
ASKI Endorsement
Asociación Arariwa Endorsement
ASODENIC Endorsement
Asomi Endorsement
ASP Financiera Endorsement
ASP Financiera Network Affiliation
AVFS Endorsement
Avrasiya-Kredit Endorsement
AWS Endorsement
Azercredit Endorsement
Babyloan Endorsement
Bai Tushum Bank Endorsement
Bai Tushum Bank Endorsement
Banco ADOPEM Endorsement
Banco Agrario Endorsement
Banco D-Miro Endorsement
Banco de Bogotá Endorsement
Banco Delta, S.A. Endorsement
Banco Fassil Endorsement
Banco FIE Endorsement
Banco Forjadores Endorsement
Banco Fortaleza Endorsement
BANCO PRODEM Endorsement
Banco Solidario Endorsement
Banco Solidario Partner
Banco WWB Endorsement
BanCompartir Endorsement
BancoSol Endorsement
Bancs Endorsement
Bandhan Endorsement
BANEX Endorsement
BanGente Endorsement
Bangko Kabayan Endorsement
Bank Im Bistum Essen Endorsement
Bereke Endorsement
BESA Endorsement
Bessfa RB Endorsement
BestFUND Endorsement
BIMAS Endorsement
BISWA Endorsement
Borshud Endorsement
Bovari va Hamkori Endorsement
BRAC Endorsement
BSFL Endorsement
BSFL Endorsement
Buusaa Gonofaa Endorsement
CamCCUL Endorsement
CARD Bank Endorsement
CARIBMICRO Endorsement
CAURIE Micro Finance Endorsement
CCT Endorsement
CDBD Cooperative Endorsement
CEC-PROM Mature Endorsement
CECAM Endorsement
CEFAM Endorsement
CEOSS Endorsement
CEPRODEL Endorsement
CEVI Endorsement
CFA Microfinance Partner
CFI Partner
CGAP Partner
Chaitanya Endorsement
Chamroeun Endorsement
CIDRE Endorsement
CMAC Huancayo Endorsement
CMMB Endorsement
COAC Fondvida Endorsement
COAC San José Endorsement
COAC San José Endorsement
Coast Trust Endorsement
Columbia Microcreditos Endorsement
Compartamos Banco Endorsement
Compartamos Financiera Endorsement
Contactar Endorsement
Contigo Microfinanzas Endorsement
CRAC Señor de Luren Endorsement
Crece Safsa Endorsement
CRECER Endorsement
CrediAmigo Endorsement
CrediClub Endorsement
Crediscotia Endorsement
Credit Mongol Endorsement
Credit Suisse Funding
Creditlink MFB Endorsement
CREDITUYO Endorsement
CReSA Endorsement
Crezcamos Endorsement
Crezkamos Kapital Endorsement
Crystal Endorsement
CSC Endorsement
CVECA BM Endorsement
CVECA BM Endorsement
DAMEN Endorsement
DBACD Endorsement
DEF Endorsement
DemirBank Endorsement
Despacho Amador Endorsement
Deutsche Bank Funding
Dian Mandiri Endorsement
DSPI Endorsement
EB-ACCION Endorsement
EDAPROSPO Endorsement
EDESA Endorsement
EDPYME Alternativa Endorsement
EDPYME Solidaridad Endorsement
EKI Endorsement
Elet-Capital Endorsement
Emprender Endorsement
Enda Endorsement
Enda Endorsement
ENLACE Endorsement
Equitas Endorsement
ESAF Endorsement
ESAF Endorsement
ESDO Endorsement
FACES Endorsement
FAF-DC Endorsement
FAMA OPDF Endorsement
FAPE Endorsement
Farz Foundation Endorsement
FATEN Endorsement
FDL Endorsement
FIE Gran Poder Endorsement
Finance Invest NBCO Endorsement
Finance Salone Endorsement
Finance Technology Endorsement
Finance Trust Endorsement
Financiera Credinka (ex Financiera Nueva Vision) Endorsement
Financiera El Comercio Endorsement
Financiera Fama Endorsement
Financiera Qapac Endorsement
FINCA - AZE Endorsement
FINCA - CR Endorsement
FINCA - JOR Endorsement
FINCA - MEX Endorsement
FINCA - PER Endorsement
FINCA - Russia Endorsement
FINCA Kyrgyzstan Endorsement
FINCA Kyrgyzstan Endorsement
FinComún Endorsement
FinDev Endorsement
FINO Endorsement
FINSOL Endorsement
First Macro Bank Endorsement
FMF-E Endorsement
FMFB - Pakistan Endorsement
Fondation Albaraka Endorsement
FONDECO Endorsement
FONDESURCO Endorsement
Fondo Esperanza Endorsement
Fonkoze Endorsement
Ford Foundation Funding
Friendship Bridge Endorsement
FRONTIERS Endorsement
FUDECOSUR Endorsement
FUNBODEM Endorsement
Fundación Delamujer Endorsement
Fundación Esperanza Endorsement
Fundación Espoir Endorsement
Fundación Mujer Endorsement
Fundación Paraguaya Endorsement
Fundaci¢n Amanecer Endorsement
Fundaci¢n Amanecer Endorsement
FUNDEA Endorsement
FUNDESAN Endorsement
FUNDESER Endorsement
G-Life Endorsement
Gasha Endorsement
Génesis Empresarial Endorsement
GES-CI Endorsement
GM Bank of Luzon Endorsement
Grameen Koota Endorsement
Green Bank Endorsement
GTFS Endorsement
GU Financial Endorsement
HKL Endorsement
Hluvuku Endorsement
Hofokam Endorsement
Hope Micro Endorsement
Horizonti Endorsement
HSPFI Endorsement
ID Ghana Endorsement
IDF Financial Endorsement
IDH Endorsement
IMPRO Endorsement
Indur MACS Endorsement
Inicjatywa Mikro Endorsement
INMAA Endorsement
Interactuar Endorsement
IPRU Endorsement
JOVID Endorsement
JSC Bank Constanta Endorsement
JSC Bank Constanta Endorsement
Juhudi Kilimo Endorsement
KAMURJ Endorsement
Kasagana-Ka Endorsement
Kashf Foundation Endorsement
KfW Funding
KIEDF Endorsement
KixiCredito Endorsement
KMBI Endorsement
KMF Endorsement
Komak Credit Endorsement
Kompanion Endorsement
KredAqro NBCO Endorsement
KREDIT Endorsement
LAPO-NGR Endorsement
Lead Foundation Endorsement
Lefayeda Endorsement
León 2000 IMF Endorsement
LIDER Endorsement
LOLC Endorsement
LSK Endorsement
Mahashakti Endorsement
Makhzoumi Endorsement
Manushi Endorsement
MasterCard Foundation Funding
Maxima Endorsement
MBK Ventura Endorsement
MBK Ventura Rating
MCL Endorsement
MD Endorsement
Mec Ellis Foundation Endorsement
MECRA Endorsement
MECREF Endorsement
MFW Endorsement
MI-BOSPO Endorsement
MiBanco Endorsement
MICRA Philippines Endorsement
MiCredito Nicaragua Endorsement
Micro Start Endorsement
MicroCred - MDG Endorsement
Microempresas de Colombia Endorsement
Microempresas de Colombia Endorsement
Microfin Uruguay Endorsement
Microfinanciera Prisma Endorsement
Microfinanzas para el Desarrollo Endorsement
Microfinanzas PRISMA Endorsement
MicroKing Endorsement
Microserfin Endorsement
MIDE Endorsement
MIGEC SA Endorsement
MIKRA Endorsement
MIKROFIN Endorsement
Milamdec Endorsement
Mimo Finance Endorsement
Mimo Finance Endorsement
Miselini Endorsement
MLF ZAR Endorsement
MLO HUMO Endorsement
MoFAD Endorsement
Mol Bulak Azerbaijan Endorsement
Mol Bulak Finance Endorsement
Moris Rasik Endorsement
Nachala Endorsement
NAMOCU Endorsement
Nano Endorsement
Nirdhan Endorsement
Nirmaan Bharati Endorsement
NWTF Endorsement
Nyogodèmè So de Bamako rive gauche Endorsement
Oasis Microfinance Endorsement
OBS Endorsement
ODEF Financiera Endorsement
Opportunity Loan Guarantee Fund Endorsement
Opportunity Uganda Endorsement
Orix Leasing Endorsement
Paglaum Cooperative Endorsement
Palmis Mikwofinans Sosyal Endorsement
PAMECAS Endorsement
PANA PANA Endorsement
Parabank Endorsement
Partner Endorsement
PASECA - Kayes Endorsement
Pashchimanchal Finance Co. Ltd. Endorsement
Patria Credit Endorsement
Pearl Endorsement
Pichincha Microfinanzas Endorsement
Piyeli Endorsement
Porvenir Endorsement
PRASAC Endorsement
PRIDE - TZA Endorsement
PRODEAN Endorsement
PROFIN Endorsement
Progresemos Endorsement
PWMACS Endorsement
RAFAD Endorsement
RAFODE Endorsement
REFICOM RL Endorsement
REGMIFA Endorsement
REMUCI Endorsement
Réseau KARABARABA Endorsement
RGVN Endorsement
Riverbank Endorsement
RPK Endorsement
Sabaragamuwa Endorsement
SABR Endorsement
Sahara Utsarga Endorsement
Sajida Endorsement
Samasta Endorsement
SAMIC Plc Endorsement
Samrudhi MicroFin Endorsement
Sathapana Limited Endorsement
Satin Endorsement
Saynhai Samphanh DTMFI Endorsement
SEF-ARM Endorsement
Seilanithih Endorsement
SFPI Endorsement
Shakti Endorsement
SIDBI Endorsement
Sinapi Aba Savings and Loans Endorsement
SINERGIJA Endorsement
SKS Endorsement
SMEP MFB Endorsement
SMILE Endorsement
SOGESOL Endorsement
SOLFI Endorsement
Solución Asea Endorsement
Sonata Endorsement
Spandana Endorsement
Star Microfin Endorsement
SV Creditline Endorsement
Swadhaar Endorsement
Symbiotics Funding
Tamweelcom Endorsement
TBC Kredit Endorsement
Tchuma Endorsement
Te Creemos Endorsement
Tjilly Finances Endorsement
TLM Endorsement
TMFB Endorsement
Transcapital Endorsement
Trident Microfinance Endorsement
TSPI Endorsement
Tujijenge Endorsement
Turame Community Finance Endorsement
TYM Endorsement
U-IMCEC Endorsement
UCEC/MK Endorsement
Ujjivan Endorsement
UNICREICH Endorsement
Unitus Funding
UNRWA\Palestine Endorsement
UOB Endorsement
UPLIFT Endorsement
USAID Funding
VEI Ghana Endorsement
Vikas Samiti Endorsement
Visión Banco Endorsement
Vision Finance Company Endorsement
VisionFund Cambodia Endorsement
VisionFund Indonesia Endorsement
VisionFund Kenya Endorsement
VITAS PSE Endorsement
Vitas s.a.l. Endorsement
Vitas s.a.l. Endorsement
VMFWG Endorsement
WAGES Endorsement
Wasasa Endorsement
WDB Endorsement
WOCCU Endorsement
XacBank Endorsement
Yehu Endorsement
Zakoura Endorsement
Name Relationship
Bancamía Endorsement

Related Organizations

Name Relationship
AEMFI Partner
AFMIN Partner
ALAFIA Partner
ALSOL Endorsement
AMFA Partner
AMFI Kenya Partner
AMFIU Partner
AMIR Partner
AP-SFD Sénégal Partner
APIM-Mali Partner
Apoyo Integral México Endorsement
APSFD BF Partner
APSFD-CI Partner
Arohan Rating
Arysh-Invest Endorsement
Banco Popular Endorsement
Bovari va Hamkori Network Affiliation
BWDA Endorsement
CAM Partner
CMF Partner
COPEME Partner
ECLOF Partner
EMPRENDER Colombia Partner
GLOW Endorsement
Hasal MFB Network Affiliation
LOLC Network Affiliation
MAMN Partner
MCPI Partner
Mentors - PER Endorsement
MFC Partner
NRSP Endorsement
PMN Partner
Prodesarrollo Partner
PROMUC Endorsement
RADIM Partner
RFD Partner
RMC Partner
RMC Endorsement
RMF Partner
SA-DHAN Partner
Sanabel Partner
SOTOBAJO Endorsement
Suryoday Endorsement
Terrafina Microfinance Endorsement
Trust Microfin Network Endorsement
Uttrayan Financial Endorsement
VFM Rating
VisionFund - DOM Endorsement
YMN Partner
Name Relationship
CPEC Partner


  • Charlotte Connors
    Manager, Operations and Communications
    charlottec [at] smartcampaign [dot] org
  • Isabelle Barrès
    ibarres [at] accion [dot] org
    +1 202.393.5113 x1665
  • Jon Pattee
    Manager, Web and Publications
    jpattee [at] accion [dot] org